How many calories do we burn a day?

How many calories do we burn a day

As promised in yesterday’s article, related to foods with negative calories, today we are going to talk to you about the calories we consume in our day to day, doing a normal activity, as well as, according to our weight, calculate the calories we need to burn.

All of this comes great for planning a diet. If we have an idea of the calories we consume a day, we can choose the foods we need exactly to be able to lose weight in health.


How many calories do we burn without doing anything?

Just sitting on a chair or a couch. Whether at home watching TV, with your mobile taking a look at the states of Whatsapp, or in the office sneaking into the solitaire XD we burn about 100 calories every hour. However, if instead of sitting, we do these activities thrown on the sofa, in pre-nap mode, the burning of calories is reduced to 60 every hour.

The magnificent habit of walking

How many times do we hear this recommendation that it’s very healthy to walk? You don’t need to run to do something for our health and we have a middle ground between doing nothing and killing ourselves in the gym: going out for a while to walk.

Walking: a very healthy habit to burn calories

Walking only an hour, we already managed to lose about 400 calories. That’s the equivalent of a mr. chorizo sandwich half a loaf of bread… We’re already starting to make up for the excesses with a simple walk. If we add to that we go home by the stairs instead of the elevator, we burn 15 calories per floor. If we live in a third and go down to buy and we are on the street for an hour (between walk and take advantage of going to the errands) we have already consumed almost 450 calories, we have already compensated for the treat of the sandwich.

And it’s not just that. If we carry the shopping bags or just push the cart, we add to those 450 plus 130 calories for just half an hour in the super.

For this reason it is so advisable to go out on the street to do any task even if we arrive tired of work. The difference between resting at home and wanting to take to the streets is key to weight loss. The differences are very big and even though we don’t think we burn anything because we don’t sweat like in the gym, we’re not right. Burning calories and burning fat has little to do with sweat. The sweat factor only influences fluid reduction. Liquids that we will recover again as soon as we remove the water bottle from the fridge.

Our body needs activity to burn calories, even minimally. Things as simple as being on a couch lying down or sitting makes all the difference. Less sedentary habits are our best allies for weight loss.

Calculate the calories we spend per day

Since we can’t spend all day aiming how long we’re standing or sitting, we’re going to create a very easy and simple formula to get a rough idea of the calories we burn in a day.

For this we will create our sedentary number, according to our average daily activity, we will write down a number that will serve as a reference. So, here we have them

  • I am a very sedentary person and it is difficult for me to start any activity (number 0.10)
  • I’m a sedentary person, but every now and then I get up to do something (number 0.15)
  • I do normal life and get to work when I need something (number 0.25)
  • I started doing the daily walks, climbing the stairs and other recommendations (number 0.50)
  • And besides, I’m a restless ass and I don’t stop all day (number 0.80)

Well, we already have 5 assumptions of our daily activity. Now let’s calculate how many calories we burn on average:

We multiply our weight in kilos by 24 and by our activity number and save apart the number that does not come out.

A few simple examples:

  • Sedentary person who rarely does something (0.15) that weighs 65 kilos x 65 x 24 x 0.15 x 234 calories
  • I do normal life (0.25), neither walk much nor am I all day sitting and I weigh 70 kilos x 70 x 24 x 0.25 420 calories
  • I have started to follow recommendations of this website (0.50) and I already go out to do activities and weigh 72 kilos x 72 x 24 x 0.50 x 864 calories

Well, now all we have to do is add to those calories the calories corresponding to our basal metabolism. Which is as simple as multiplying our weight by 24 and adding it to the account that has come up to us.

In this way, the person of the last example who weighed 72 kilos has a basal metabolism of 72 x 24 x 1728 calories

Now we add these 1728 calories to the account we made (the one that gave us 864 calories) and we have 2592 calories. That’s the approximate number of calories we spend a day: 2592.

Obviously it is an approximate number, since we do not measure exactly the activity we do, but it serves us in an orientation way when it comes to making a menu to lose weight.

I hope this article will help you realize the importance of having an active life to lose weight. Not all of us can go from 0 to 100 and change the habit of doing nothing to signing up for a gym every day. We’d get tired two weeks later and we wouldn’t come back. But getting used to doing a small daily physical activity is a giant step to fight overweight.

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