What is green tea for?

What is green tea for

“You have to drink green tea” How many times have we read that phrase while looking for weight-loss diets? I’m sure more than once, twice and ten times. So today we’re going to contribute our grain of sand and we’re going to list some of the advantages that green tea has for weight loss and our health.

Green weight-loss tea:

Of course it is the first green tea property we include here. Basically, tea is an effective fat burning, what does this mean? that gives us fewer calories than our body needs to digest it. For this reason we go into negative caloric consumption and it helps us to lose weight. The second reason is the antioxidant properties of green tea and we already know how they help us in our health. Antioxidants – using colloquial language – remove harmful substances from our bodies. So, in addition to helping us prevent disease, he’s a great ally in our weight loss goal.


It helps us to do digestion:

Thanks to the polyphenols contained in green tea, we can have better digestions by taking this infusion. These remove harmful fat from the liver by strengthening and caring for it. A fat-free liver is certainly key to coping with any type of diet and will help us better digest what we eat.

Fighting diabetes:

Diabetes can occur for different reasons, one of them is – and people who suffer morbid obesity know it well, it’s being overweight. Sometimes choosing to diet is due to aesthetic reasons. Other times they are needed to take care of health and diabetes is lurking in people suffering from obesity. Back to point 1: The excellent antioxidant properties of green tea. Not only does it help us lose weight, antioxidants are highly recommended to fight diabetes (type I &II). Prevents blood sugar from building up and insulin levels from firing.

Green tea and cholesterol

If you keep wondering what green tea is for and you still don’t have enough answers, here’s one more: it’s an ally against heart problems. Relaxes the arteries and lowers bad cholesterol. Of course this is one more consequence of the antioxidant properties of green tea. We don’t get tired of repeating it: fat burning and antioxidant. Two keys closely related to health and weight loss.

Green tea is an excellent antioxidant
Green tea is an excellent antioxidant

Feeling sad? It also helps us

Do you know Serotonin? A substance that our body produces naturally and makes us feel happier. In fact, people with depression have very low levels of Serotonin. The stimulating effect of green tea causes the body to be generating this substance. So yes, we can say it helps us to be a little happier. Despite all these good reasons to include tea in our diet we should consider the following considerations: Like everything in this life, excess is bad, and while an acceptable dose of green tea is going to help us a lot, excess can have a totally opposite effect. We recommend at most to drink two tea infusions a day. One in the morning and one during the snack. Even simply with a long-term take a day, we will notice its effects. Being a stimulant, if we are very nervous people it is not advisable to abuse tea. We must also accompany it with a correct diet to find the perfect balance between weight loss and health.

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