Presotherapy Do you want to tone and sculpt your figure?

As the name suggests, pretherapy is a therapy that is based on pressure. It is a treatment that can be performed in specialized clinics – difficult to do it at home – that will help us to tone and sculpt our figure while helping us to eliminate those extra kilos.

That said, let's get on the subject and do some research on prison therapy.


Presotherapy, what is it?

The base operation is easy to understand. Standard presotherapy, which we are interested in to tune our figure, consists in the use of special "pants" called "pneumatic pants", which will cover the areas to be treated, which are usually the legs, waist and belly, remaining the end of these just below the chest.

(There are many other varieties of pre-therapy treatments, for limbs and even complete, in which you have to be imbued in a suit that completely covers you to the neck, are not very recommended for the body of a girl and are more suitable for problems in the circulatory system)

Let's look at an image to illustrate some pressotherapy pants and get a quick idea of what they look like:

Complete presotherapy machine

You can see how we have to get into that kind of pants, connected to the main machine, which is the one that will control the pressure to which we are going to subject our body, but before that I would like to clarify the pants of presotherapy that we will find if we go in to look at Google, which although they share the name, has nothing to do with the other.

Let's not confuse the prisoner therapy pants

Surely, if you do a quick Google search, we'll see plenty of places where they sell prisoner therapy pants. We're not going to need that. What they sell – at cents, if it's worth more than a euro, flees from that online store – are protections that are used as hygienic measures for the use of the prison therapy machine between customer shifts.

Pre-therapy TST trousers

They have a silk paper-like feel, they are actually made from TST (Unwoven Fabric), fully recyclable and disposable. In any prison therapy center they will provide it to us, so we forget about these TST pants and go to what we are interested in: the operation of the presotherapy.

Presotherapy What do you need to know?

Let us move on to the operation of these treatments: Once we have the pneumatic pants on, they apply an air pressure, through the interior chambers, to our legs in the form of constant cycles: pressure increase /pressure drop /pressure increase /pressure drop, etc. So we'll notice like our legs are squeezing and then we're released.

This feeling of pressure, far from uncomfortable, is nice and even fun. Pretherapy will not be translated like other treatments or a visit to the dentist. If you like relaxing massages, you will enjoy a session of presotarapia

Lymphatic Drainage – An Advantage of Presotherapy

By applying these pressure cycles we will achieve several benefits, among them the most prominent is lymphatic drainage.

But you're probably going to wonder what the hell is that lymphatic drainage thing?

Very simple. The lymphatic system is one of the main defense systems of the human body. When we talk about lymphatic drainage, its function is to drag it to the toxic substances that we have in the blood. Thanks to this we purify our body of toxins and other impurities.

With presotherapy we stimulate lymphatic drainage because we will eliminate all these toxic substances (including varicose veins) that we have been accumulating in our circulatory system. Having cleaner blood, our body will be more resistant to attacking viruses and bacteria. Definitely a more than healthy benefit.

Thanks to all this, with the presotherapy we will eliminate fluid retentions, we will have the same effect that if we follow a strict detox diet, we will fight cellulite, improve the visual appearance of our skin, reduce stress levels, etc.

Sculpt your figure – Mold your body

And of course, we will mark our curves as if we are working clay and mud with a potter's lathe. Sometimes the amount of weight lost is not so important if not the figure you see in the mirror.

As I write these lines I pick up the phone and ask a friend who completed a treatment of 15 sessions of pretherapy of half an hour each and tells me that she was completely delighted, apart from losing weight what she noticed most was seeing her waist and legs. As thanks to therapy, he had some curves left, as the body is modeled, the notice as the cartons suddenly disappeared. She finished fully satisfied and will soon repeat the experience.

For those who are not indicated

Presotherapy is very safe and has few contraindications, but like any treatment, it is necessary to take into account some risk factors that are as follows:

  • People with heart failure. Stimulating circulation is harmful to people who can't lead their heart to an over-effort.
  • Low voltage: By lowering blood pressure, if we are already hypotensous, this can be dangerous. Quite the opposite if we're hypertensive.
  • Infections: If we have a serious infection anywhere in the body, by reactivating the circulatory system, we run the risk of spreading the infection throughout our body.
  • During pregnancy: Like any therapy, however healthy, we should consult the specialist who is taking our pregnancy and who advises us on possible risks.

Many advantages and few risks except those described above and the economical, so it is highly recommended to be attentive to offers of presotherapy sessions, if you see a good offer or pack of sessions of presotherapy, get hold of them, you will not regret it.

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