Tricks to not go hungry

Tricks to not go hungry

Are we able to eat a strict diet but suffer a lot because of hunger? For people who are in pain to spend hours without eating, let’s see today some small tricks that can help us go less hungry, making our weight loss diets more bearable.

Eat slow and quality

There is some delay between the amount we have eaten and when the brain sends us the signs that “we are full“. It’s never happened to you that having a half-finished plate, you take a phone call, and when we hang up at 5-10 minutes, we’re not hungry anymore? That’s because of the delay between what we eat and the feeling of satiety. Eating slowly – chewing several times – helps us feel satiated very much sooner than if we eat in a hurry. The quality or type of food we ingest also depends on this process. Note: potatoes, eggs, legumes, fish and oats will take away hunger faster than any other food, except for those high in protein, which brings us to the second point.


Proteins to satisfy us

Foods with protein predominance are other groups called satiating. They also have another advantage, they activate the metabolism before other foods, so we’ll start spending calories faster even if we’re sitting on the couch. And what are these foods? Dairy, nuts, lean meat, etc.

The importance of rest

One of the hormones that control the need we have to eat occurs when we are awake. The ideal amount of food we need, as requested by this hormone, is balanced if we sleep our corresponding daily hours. If, for example, we sleep one night only 2 hours, this hormone (GHRL) will be sending us signals for 22 hours that we need to eat. This is why the days we rest very little, make us want to eat the whole fridge.

Fiber to avoid sugars

If one of our “monkeys” when we go hungry is carbohydrates, fiber is our ally. Among the qualities it has is to make a much slower digestion, which will prevent us from needing products with excess carbohydrates and sugars. What are the best products that give us fiber and satiety? Fruit, legumes and whole grains.

Water in all its variants

We have already repeated a hundred times the importance of drinking water in any diet and have talked about its multiple advantages. Well, it also plays an important role in passing less hunger. Both water and food high in water will satisfy us much faster. What foods does a considerable amount of water contain? In general vegetables and fruit and, specifically, taking advantage of that we are in summer, watermelon, melon, plums, peaches and apples are the stars of the season.

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